Saturday, August 2, 2008

Real Hip Hop video of the day.

Operation Lock Down.

This is one of the videos from the amazing, creative, and classic Nocturnal album by Heltah Skeltah.



Kells said...

Now what makes this video "real Hip Hop?"
1. they were not talking about anything.
2. at least lil wayne and all the new rappers have a topic that they rhyme about.

I'm just saying... actually I love this song but, really I love all music even todays music.

Third Supreme said...

1. Because I said so. We both know that if I say something is Hip Hop it just is. I really can't explain it but that's just what it is.

2. A millie is real Hip Hop too and Wayne wasn't talkin about shit the whole time. He was just rhyming...that's Hip Hop.

It is what it is....